In our archive you can find information that is somehow outdated but still shows the devolepment of the Epona Foundation.

Some impressions from our time in the Pyrenees

In 2014 the Epona Foundation moved from the Normandie to the spanish Pyrenees.

Haras de Chenes

Haras des Chênes

Horses, ponies and other hoofanimals who are neglected or ill and in need of a home are welcome at the farm „Haras des Chênes“ (La Chevrie) in Normandy / Orne. On 66 hectares of best pasture they can live in peace and protected freedom.
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A meadow

Our horses

The mascot and first horse of the foundation is Kosmos. The eleven-year old trotter came from Torino / Italy to us in Normandy. For us, Kosmos is a special horse and his name is a sign for the future of the Epona Foundation.
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