Epona – Foundation for Horse and Environment is active since 2009. We are helping horses and ponies of all ages in need, we give them space, shelter and food, we try to reinforce their confidence again, motivate them and, if necessary, we look for a good home for them.
Inform yourself about our work through the videos “About Epona” and “You are welcome” and those about our horses on the page Our horses as well as the annual reports of the foundation

About Epona

You are welcome

The Epona Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Germany. Its activities are on an international scale, and are primarily concerned with the welfare of horses, ponies and donkeys. The foundation also sponsors and supports social projects, amonst others the day school Uerê in Rio de Janeiro / Brazil. We look forward to your support in our work: your help makes a difference. You can reach us by clicking on our email address: marlies@epona-foundation.org

Horses in Winter


The basic premise of the Foundation is that the preservation of our planet requires respect for people, animals and nature, as well as social networking for the common good. Its first aim is to provide horses, ponies and donkeys with the environment suited to the needs of their species in protected freedom. In addition the Foundation intends to promote appropriate projects on an international scale in collaboration with people who wish to give their support, using for this donations as well as the assets of the Foundation itself. In this context the Foundation seeks to motivate people to support it and its projects as volunteers.

Pferde auf einer Sommerweide

Extract of the Charter of the Foundation:

„The aim of the Foundation is to promote animal and environmental protection, youth welfare, equal rights for men and women and support for those in need in accordance with §53 of the Tax Code.“

The Charter states further: „The Epona-Foundation will also organize seminars, lectures, publications and exhibitions. Its intention is to offer scholarships and rewards, which, by generating positive results in accordance with the ideas and principles of the Foundation, have as goal the motivation of others to engage in similar activities in the future.“


was the Celtic/Roman goddess protectress of horses and riders in general and foals in particular. She is usually depicted riding sideways on a horse, surrounded by foals, and was also worshiped as a mother goddess symbolising fertility and growth. The word ‘epo’ means ‘horse’, and ‘na’ makes it divine and female, so Epona translates as ‘Divine Mare’. You can find ‘Discussions with Epo-Na’ on the website of Dona Holleman: www.donaholleman.com