Our horses


The mascot and first horse of the foundation is Kosmos. The eleven-year old trotter came from Torino / Italy to us in Normandy. For us, Kosmos is a special horse and his name is a sign for the future of the Epona Foundation. Kosmos ran 85 races from 2001 to 2007 in Germany and Italy: He won 33 times and was placed 40 times. After he could not start anymore, his former trainer Marina Vietgen bought Kosmos from its owner and gave it to the Foundation.

Two horses are playing with each other

Calin and Kham

Kosmos, the first horse of the Epona Foundation, quickly got company. The blind Kham and the lame Calin were for more than two years on the farm in Normandy, where the foundation maintains its project for ungulates. Kham almost reached the age of 30 (right in photo). He was blind due to a genetic defect, which often occurs in Appaloosas. We all were surprised at how quickly the little wise guy found his ways in his new home (see also the Epona film). He knew very quickly, where the water was to be found and never missed his feeding bowl. Calin was a big help to him. The mighty brown French trotter (21) showed Kham the way. No sooner had the two settled on “La Chevrie”, there was work already waiting for them. At the first course of “Equiyoga”, which the Epona Foundation hosted, Kham and Calin let them be stroked, brushed, inspected, chucked, touched anywhere, and massaged, and they could be patiently leaded by people who had never been near a horse. Calin even carried some equiyogis on his back, and despite his intimidating size, he was soon everybody’s darling. Everyone wanted to be carried by him, and many a doubt and little worry lines on the faces disappeared at every step, and in the end remained a bright smile and a wonderful feeling to have been so closely and harmoniously with such a large bay horse.

Kosmos steigt in einen Pferdewagen
Kham und Calin

Fanny, Tschykas, Toby and Cookie…

… came to us from the area of ​​Mont St. Michel. The two ponies Toby and Cookie had been abandoned by their owner in a field, when she went back to England. Read the stories of others in our annual reports.

Tobi und Cookie