Annual reports

The annual reports present a brief overview of the work of the Epona Foundation for each year.
Excerpts: For complete reports please write to:

Epona-Stiftung für Pferd und Umwelt
Kesselstr. 15
53797 Lohmar

Activities in 2023

Rain-heavy, dark clouds shade the dry pastures. Will it finally rain? It was a hot and dry summer, followed by an autumn without rain. The grass has been eaten away and withered. The dams are empty. We hope for rain and are always disappointed.
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Activities in 2022

This year we all suffered from the extreme weather and in summer Indu passed away. Besides of that we were lucky to welcome quite a few visitors.
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Activities in 2021

This year there were no major activities, changes, trips or visits. The daily work for the horses filled the days.
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Activities in 2020

We too suffered a loss this year. Our beloved Ella died on December 10th, 2020. Her legs, weakened by numerous tendon injuries, no longer supported her, and the pain had made her emaciate. She was almost 30 years old. Before she came to the Epona Foundation, she had worked for many years as a school horse, wedged between ill-fitting saddles and reins.
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Activities in 2019

On July the 17th the Epona Foundation was celebrating their 10th birthday. This decade is documented in the annual reports and the archive of this website. The whole year was quiet and calm, except for the moving to a new place in summer.
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Activities in 2018

The year began with the visit of our horse dentist Matilde Duch. The Berber mare Indu had again an inflamed molar, which had to be pulled. When we looked Ella in the mouth, there was a nasty surprise, two of her upper incisors were broken, as if she had a boxing match.
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Activities in 2017

This year Finca Mas Casanova ( expanded by 140 hectares to 200 hectares of land with forests and mountain streams. The owner of Mas Casanova, Mercè Oms Molist, has been working on the enlargement for over three years. In 2017 she was finally able to sign the new leases.
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Activities in 2016

This year we had to take off from two of our horses. Brill died on 26 January in Sora and Tchykas on 1 June in Normandy. Apart from these two losses, 2016 ran without any specific incidents.
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Activities in 2015

After the move from the Normandy to the spanish Pyreneas in 2014, 2015 was the year for further acclimatisation. The horses did not have difficulties doing so, because a team of professionals fondly took and takes care of them. Here in Sora they have plenty of space, best fodder and can easily make friends with the many other congeners who live here.
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Activities in 2014

In the year of the horse (according to the Chinese horoscope) there were big changes for all of us – the four and the two legged members of the Epona Foundation. We have moved from the sprawling green pastures of Normandy into the Spanish mountains. We found a new home on the farm ‘La Casa Nova’ nearby Sora, north of Barcelona in the Pre-Pyrenees in Catalunia. We had to move because La Chevrie was sold. The new owner is a great French animal protection organization (Societe Protectrice Animaux SPA).
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Activities in 2013

2013 was a relatively quiet year for the Epona Foundations horse project. The project Uerê in Rio de Janeiro had to deal with brutal crime of various gangs and the upcoming football world championship lead to increasing prices in all spheres of life and strikes among teachers and elsewhere. Annie Hasemanns visited Eritrea in November and sent a report about the ‘village of women’ and the ‘donkey project’ which is supported by the Epona Foundation.
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Activities in 2012

It is our concern to make the foundation accessible for those interested and seeking help and to reveal our goals, strategies and promotional ideas, but also the success of our work. Help is needed – more urgent than ever. A crucial point though is: Help is possible – for horses and humans. To spread this, we convey it in personal contact and bring it to life by enabling people to gain their own experiences.
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Activities in 2011

As in the previous years the year 2011 was initially characterized by the effort to bring the goals of the Epona Foundation for horse and environment close to as many people as possible for the first time, to socialize and to improve the public image of the foundation.
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Activities in 2010

After its approval as an independent public foundation by the district government of Cologne on July, 17th of 2009, the fiscal year 2009 was limited to a few months of construction. Accordingly, the year 2010 was still strongly influenced by the desire to bring the goals of the Epona Foundation for horse and environment close to as many people as possible for the first time, to socialize and to design the public appearance of the foundation.
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