Our horses

The Epona Foundation takes care for six horses and two ponies. The youngest horse, the Berber mare Aloha was born in 2011. She came with her mother Indu to us. Since Brill (1988-2016) and Tchykas (1985-2016) died the 24 years old Ella is now our oldest horse.


In 2014 the Epona Foundation moved from the Normandie to the spanish Pyrenees.


The mascot and first horse of the foundation is Kosmos. The eleven-year old trotter came from Torino / Italy to us in Normandy. For us, Kosmos is a special horse and his name is a sign for the future of the Epona Foundation. Kosmos ran 85 races from 2001 to 2007 in Germany and Italy: He won 33 times and was placed 40 times. After he could not start anymore, his former trainer Marina Vietgen bought Kosmos from its owner and gave it to the Foundation.

Kosmos watching Jumpy mounting the vanJumpy on the left and Kosmos on the right in the stablesKosmos watching Jumpy

In the following videos you can learn about our horses and their helpers: